I started The Simple Everyday Woman somewhere on my couch with a cup of Chamomile Tea in one hand, and a pen in the other. It was an afternoon in lockdown amidst the Covid pandemic.

I had been doing plenty of reading and experimenting during that time – from learning about the Chakras, One-pot chicken recipes, Mental & spiritual healing, How the colour of your dress and manicure speaks volumes about you, and many other topics encompassing all things lifestyle. I had always had an eye for style and decor and an inquisitive mind on spirituality and psychology, however found myself holding back as i was just a simple, everyday woman trying to make a living in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

Until one day i realized that it’s okay to be a simple, everyday woman and still share what i know and love. Until that Master’s in Psychology is a done deal or that Executive Course in Writing that i can only dream of for now is completed, my Bachelor’s in International Business and 2 years of work experience within the Communications sector would be more than sufficient. After all, life is a journey all about continuous improvement and evolving at every step of the way.

So here i am at the start of my journey calling other simple, everyday women just like me who don’t have it all figured out yet and who go into Yoga hoping to not break their neck, who get just a little anxious everytime you have to speak infront of more than ten people, and who occasionally start their day by spilling coffee on their crisp white shirt, The Simple Everyday Woman is for women like me and you.

So hop on board as I hope to bring you content that will make you laugh, think, believe, relate to and most of all, love.

Much love,